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Laminate flooring brings hardwood to the budget-minded

Not all homeowners, for various reasons, are ready to make the switch to solid hardwood flooring, even if it’s something they enjoy very much. Laminate is a much more affordable option, with striking benefits that can be of use in nearly every home across the country. From the timeless good looks of wood, stone, and tile-look flooring, to durability that lasts for years, it’s not a material that needs to be replaced more often than it should. In fact, some homeowners enjoy the opportunity, and look forward to, changing styles after a couple of decades.

With some of the most attractive styles available, thanks to a high definition printing process, you can choose from a variety of appearances. From the very realistic look of solid hardwood to the amazing porcelain tile trend, homeowners can have exactly what they need to match existing decor with ease. There are plenty of color options available, as well as various styles and designs that make decorating with this flooring a joy.

Affordability of laminate flooring is a benefit that means a lot to most homeowners. The manufacturing process is one of the things that leads to lower product prices while functional durability remains a strong point. It’s definitely a bonus to be able to have the rustic look of solid wood flooring without breaking the bank to accomplish it.

It’s important that floors like these be tough and durable, and a protective top coat made of aluminum oxide can definitely take care of that. This makes laminate better able to resist scratching, denting, staining, and fading, even in homes that have excessive traffic, pets, or children.

For customers who enjoy making eco-friendly choices in flooring, laminate is a win. Not only is it made of wood, which can be recycled, it’s also manufactured using practices that are friendlier to the environment and create less waste. Overall, the earth is a better place when this floor covering is chosen.

Legendary Floors offers a wide variety of flooring materials, products, and services that can be of great use in a variety of settings. Quality and affordability are important to us and we continue to strive to make these things available on an ongoing basis. We have companies that we serve in all 50 states of the US and some in Canada. We look forward to your visit when we can assist you with your flooring needs as well.

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